January 12 / 2024 / Daily Diary Note / Printing / Photographs for Storey Tarris UK

Printing and organising art pieces by Storey Tarris UK, which are being used on Salaterre and PeaPodPen

I’m writing poems based on Storey Tarris UK photographs which are being used for art pieces. The poems written by me (Emmy) are sometimes added to the edge of the artwork.

I print the photographs for the art pieces used in the Salaterre collaboration. The prints are printed using a business printer which gives high quality prints on 80 gram paper.

Storey Tarris UK documents the day in her art practice and takes portrait photographs which are printed in a limited series.

I’ve been keeping track of my poetry in a book. I write up to five poems a day and know that Storey Tarris UK has many more photos than I use writing poetry.

Storey’s art practice focuses on how to make digital photography unique. She has spent the last three years documenting the day on Instagram and in her art practice. Storey Tarris UK has spent more than 1000 days documenting her memoir in the UK.

We have been working 15 days documenting a daily commute.