January 11 / 2024 Daily Diary Note /

Daily Diary Note by Storey Tarris UK – January 11, 2024

I will have to add the date back into my Daily Diary Notes on Instagram. My new series does not always have a date attached to the printed photograph.

The current series of art pieces are digital photographs printed on a business printer. The artwork is then stamped with the date and some of the art pieces have poems written about them by Emmy Horstkamp. Some of the poems and artworks are located on Salaterre and some are located on PeaPodPen.

I’ve been working on the commuter series since December 2024. From August to December 2024, my days were filled with one location but that changed in December 2024 with a daily commute.

The new artwork does not use pigment Indian/Chinese Ink. The new series is inspiration for poetry and many of the artworks have poetry words written on the border in ink.